Argh! Where did the time go?

Yes, I’ve been bad again.

Months have zipped by, and I find that I have not updated like I’ve said. Sometimes, it’s just hard to keep up with the writing of the book, and that day job that I need still. So, I’ve not put in the time here like I’ve needed to.

That being said, Dragon*Con is around the corner, and I feel kind of like it’s a New Year so to speak. So, that being said, I shall make a resolution for the upcoming year.

I will strive to post here more, and in doing so, attempt to regale you with exploits from my games, my friends, and my writings. This shall be interspersed with my thoughts on movies and shows, as I find that sometimes, I just need to rant.

So, look for an update soon! (And I mean it this time!)