Between the Veil Series ~ Update

As I continue to work on Book 3, lovingly subtitled by my beta reader last night as “Yumi says ‘Screw you guys, I hate you all.'” based on our conversations of my writing progress, I’ve been making updates as well to where you can find all my books. After all, as wonderful as my experience with the KDP Select program was (and I had a perfectly fine experience), I was limiting my options of reaching my readers. And ultimately, that’s what is most important. Reaching the readers that want to read my books.

Now, the books can still be found at Amazon, but there are live links for both Not So Picture Perfect and Fae, Fire & Faith, live at Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and Smashwords (and any other affiliate of Smashwords.)

This is just a brief update as I get back to working on Chapter 7 of Book 3.

As always, I love to hear feedback from my readers, so please let me know what you’ve thought of Yumi and her adventures, with a review or a comment here.


Not So Picture Perfect ~ Book Tour

If you’ve been following me on Facebook, you may have seen me mention or share some reviews lately.

There was a very lovely book tour, thanks to Promotional Book Tours, that went on through the end of September into October.

So, head on over, and check out what these bloggers had to say about the “dark and mysterious” story.