Mini Update

Hey shiny happy people!

Not much to tell you at the moment. I’m still plugging away at the third book of the series. I’ve had some ups and downs as I’ve gone, but there is progress – just maybe not as much as I would personally like.

There have also been exciting distractions in the form of trailers this week from both Game of Thrones (a series that I’m in the midst of re-reading again) for Season 6, and that amazing trailer for the next Captain America movie. I’ll be honest that I’ve geeked out quite a bit over both of these things.  Plus, before I get to see either of these, the newest Star Wars will be out on DVD/Blu-Ray. This is going to be quite the year for my fangirl-y heart.

If you’re in search for an exciting new science fiction show, I recommend USA’s Colony. (It really should be no surprise to anyone who knows me that I’m watching this show, given that Josh Holloway is the lead on it.) It’s nearing the end of its first season, and it’s a gripping drama that has had me more than once yelling at my television. (That’s a good thing, by the way.)

I do have some surprises in store soon for my book series. The most I can say is that the preview images that I’ve received have been beyond my wildest imagination, and I cannot wait to share the finished products with you.

Stay awesome, readers.