It’s November?!?

For the first time in a few years, I’m not actively participating in NaNoWriMo, for a few reasons. Mostly, my brain is still trying to comprehend how it is November already, as October was that insane for me.
  1. My husband had surgery at the very beginning of the month. (He’s fine.)
  2. Hurricane Matthew rolled through/past my home. (We’re mostly fine.)
  3. My sweet Tommy cat passed away from complications due to his diabetes. (We’re not fine.)
  4. I’ve been doing my best impression of Supergirl at my day job for the past 6 weeks, which finally was no longer required as of Halloween. (I’ll be fine eventually.)

That makes for a very distracted and, at times, unproductive writer. However, I’ve had lots of brainstorming sessions and help from both my husband and my primary beta reader. I’m entering the third act of the novel, and I’ve got a very clear path of where things need to go. It’s a bit terrifying on some levels, for what I have in store, so the only way for me to push through the fear is to just get all the words on paper and finish this ever important first draft.

Once this draft is completed, I can share the very exciting news that I have in store.