The Walking Dead … Again

I debated if I wanted to go this route with this week’s post, but I just had to say a few things about the Mid Season Finale for The Walking Dead.

Word of warning: This post will container spoilers. Read at your own peril.

The Walking Dead, saison 1

So, now that you’re still reading, Hershel died. It was sad, and it was gruesome, but it was kind of a let down. Scott Wilson who played Hershel was always a bright spot on any episode, even when he was struggling to cope with things. I wanted to be moved by his death, the way they had Maggie and Bethe be moved. Yet, instead, they had the Governor, who they spent two episodes trying to built a quasi-redemption story for, that really led nowhere for his character, kill him in just a gory, unnecessary way. It was done for the shock value rather than “You knew that this had to happen.”

The only reason we knew that Hershel was going to die prior to the episode was the fact that he had become the lone voice of reason. He got “Daled” for lack of better terms. He tried to talk sense and reason to the people who wouldn’t listen. We can’t have that in a zombie apocalypse! Time for Hershel to die! If they had at least decided to have him get sick from the swine flu because he chose to try and save those people, then his death would have been so much “better”. His death would have been a consequence of the current story, rather than regressing to past stories to see what they could do.

Last season, the Governor was a great villain. This season? They should have left him alone for longer, to build toward that scene. They didn’t need him to get rid of the prison (which is what that fight feels like it was used for). They had this sub-arc that was really fascinating about someone on the inside trying to subvert them with feeding rats to the fences, and maybe even something more heinous. Instead, they focus on past and going for the shock value. It’s very underwhelming to watch as a storyteller.

In a side rant about Sheriff Rick Grimes:

What the bleeding hell is wrong with you? You kick Carol out of the god damned prison because she mercy killed to sick people who were going to die? But you talk a big game about being able to live along side the Governor! What the fuck? (Rationally, I know he was trying to keep his people from dying by brokering peace, but come on! Carol never did anything as heinous as the Governor!)

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