Dashing Rapscallion

I will be discussing spoilers from the latest episode of Once Upon a Time. If you have not seen that episode yet, you might want to wait until after you do. I’m going to be spoiling something fairly major that happened.

Still with me?

Okay, let’s start with the two words that sparked most of what I have to say:

Dashing rapscallion. 129300_8231

As anyone who has read my previous posts about Once Upon a Time might know, I have a thing for Hook. There’s something about him, the pirate swagger and bravado, the leather, swarthy nature, it just does it for me. It’s akin to the way that when I channel my character Yumi to write, a part of her brain just knows that Ash is attractive and she wants him. It has nothing to do with good, bad, right, or wrong. It is pure id speaking.

Now, last night, Hook shows up in the real world to try and convince the hero Emma Swan that she needs to return to Storybrooke. Emma, who has been living under the spell Regina cast for the last year with Henry, is on a date with some guy named Walsh, who I promptly entitled Captain Dweeb-face because in comparison to Hook, he pales. At least for my id, and that was pretty much the only relevant factor.

Now, an argument could be made that Walsh might be every inch a good guy, and by proxy a better “choice” for Emma. If you ignore the painful writing on the wall, you could say that. This is a television show. It doesn’t bode well for a character to be introduced as the love interest to the main character, and have been said LI for the past eight months off screen. There were no new names included in the opening credits (excluding Mader), and believe me, I looked through the names. I wanted to know if Robert Carlyle was still included in them. (He was, which makes me optimistic for his return.)

So, what could be the reasons for Emma to have a LI over the last eight months? Would it be for the sudden death of a loved one to spurn her on? Or would it be for a sudden, yet inevitable betrayal? (Thank you, Wash.) Given that the one constant for Emma is what she would do for Henry, I doubted seriously that Captain Dweeb-face was the one true love that Emma was going to lose that would break her heart. Between Neil, Graham, and Hook, she has had the opportunity to have that heartbreak, but the only person that she would be devastated over the loss of would be her son.

So, sudden yet inevitable betrayal had to be the reason. And, it was. (Which brings up all sorts of fucked up thoughts on how far had Emma let that relationship go since a marriage proposal had been on the table. I mean, Walsh turned out to be a winged monkey after all…)

What does all this have to do with the words dashing rapscallion? Not much really, but they were what spurned on my thoughts, and made me think. So much so, that I am planning another post soon for the Bad Boy vs the Good Guy. I’d like to take a closer look at what makes them tick.

Comments? Questions? Please feel free to leave them.