Inspiration: Table-Top Gaming

One of my favorite activities that I get to do each week is to sit down with my friends and play our tabletop RPGs. It’s a wonderful mix of socialization, creativity, and sometimes, just a good old fashioned beating the snot out of a monster/bad guy to make ourselves feel better. I’m very fortunate to have found a table where we value the roleplaying and characters created for each game. It not only makes most of our games engaging on a level that makes me come back every weekend, but it also offers me inspiration for my own writing. Without that inspiration, I might never have finished this first novel, and been gifted with a character like Yumi.

As you might be able to tell from earlier posts, Yumi was originally envisioned for a tabletop game we were playing, and from the first session, she carved out a room in my brain and made her presence known in a way that few characters have ever done to me. I won’t deny that those tabletop sessions inspired me, and influenced me, helping me to create my own world for her, and a cast of characters to interact with her. I’ve read reviews of some big-named published authors where people have attacked their book for reading too much like some kind a table top RPG. That person viewed it as a negative thing, but I don’t feel that is the case.

The craftsmanship, creativity, and work that goes into the game session, from every person there, helps to fashion a story. It’s a story that sometimes needs to be written down. It needs to be shared for more than just the insular group of friends hanging out. There is value in that story. Inspiration comes to people in different ways. It can be movies, television shows, music, other books, video games, or even witnessing something out in the real world.

For me, most of my comes from my group, and although I thanked them once in my book, I want to thank them again here. Thank you, my “Inanities”. Without you, my book would never be what is today.