Game of Thrones

So, as you may have noticed, I stopped updating the content I was posting about Game of Thrones. I’ve been making what I call my “Tongue-in-cheek” reviews since roughly Season 5, privately. I had friends that were not enjoying the show as much as I was, and I thought I’d give them the highlights done up to make them laugh. This was done because I had long ago accepted the books and the shows were different beasts, and I generally could just accept the changes and roll with them.

Plus, it was a fun exercise for me that my friends enjoyed, despite the time investment I was having to put forth.

Herein came the issue, this was supposed to be something fun for me to do, and when I kept thinking about writing my recap for Episode 4 – nothing about it seemed fun. It felt like a chore to sit down and write the recap. I rewatched the episode a few times, as I often do (as it was quite common for me to write the highpoints into a word doc as I was doing my first rewatch), but something about doing the recap felt empty, hollow.

I was traveling for my day job at the time, and I kept telling myself it was the fact that I was in a different city, living out of a hotel room, that was the root cause. Once I got home, got some good sleep, I’d be good to go to write both Episodes 4 and 5. Instead, as I watched Episode 5, I just lost any desire to continue the project. The rushed natures of the storyline this season were robbing me of the emotional investment that I knew I should have. Where I understood why characters could come to the places in the story, the execution lacked the time and finesse to sell it to me in a way that emotionally brought me with the characters.

Most of all, it ceased to be fun to take two hours of my free time to write the recaps. I have plenty of other projects (the three books that I’m writing at the very least), that I could devote that time to. I felt bad for not finishing for the friends that did enjoy these, but they knew that I was struggling to digest these episodes for myself, let alone to make a mockery recap of. I wasn’t sure (and still am) that I could write those from a place that wouldn’t just make me angrier about the project.

After all, anyone who knows me personally, they know that a certain major franchise’s latest installment has created a huge void of negativity that I have not been able to overcome at this time. I don’t want Game of Thrones to follow that path.

To all those that did enjoy my recaps, I am sorry that I let you down, but I hope you found something to appreciate in these final seasons. The finale was certainly divisive, but I like to believe that we can all find some beauty in this, even if it wasn’t what we expected.

Sincerely ~ Amber C. Carlyle