A long time ago….

I thought I’d take a few days and start showing a bit more of whom I am, by talking about things that I love. I’ll be focusing on the parts of the geekdom that over time, I’m still a mega-nerd. Before I get into that, I’d like to take a moment to say something about football…

Dude, Tamp Bay, what the hell? You guys had that game. My Saints were terrible on offense. I’m happy we won, but you folks in Tampa need to do something. The amount of stupid penalties and undisciplined nature that you guys are playing are just going to keep killing you each week. Not to mention, someone, be it on your team or the opposition, is going to get really hurt. Figure it out, and fix it. I like to see big “Bang Bang” plays, but I don’t want to see injured players. I want to see teams go out and win because they outplayed the other team, even if it means my boys lose.

Anyways, on to my geek loves, I’d like to start with my first love:


I love these movies, and the universe that hs been spawned by it, more than anything. I love it so much that my wedding had Star Wars themes. My wedding party all had FX light sabers of varying colors, and my wedding cake topper was Juno Eclipse and Porkins with three Stormtroopers, making sure Porkins stayed. Anyone who knows my husband and me, they know that in any Star Wars game, I always want to play the Empire, and he always wants to play the Rebels. It worked out great for the wedding. imperial

Growing up, my parents had all three of the original movies on one VHS tape. Six plus hours of non-stop Star Wars. I would watch that tape normally once a month. As my mother will tell you, I watched it one summer for a full month, every day, all day. The benefit of it being a VHS tape was that when it was at the end, the tape would stop, rewind, and start again. There was something about those stories, as they unfolded on the screen before me that were captivating.

It was more than just the struggle of good versus evil, or the coming of age story for Luke. It was seeing such fantastical creatures and aliens, as if they were real. To this day, Return of the Jedi is my favorite movie. Not because of the Ewoks. (Although I admit that I have never hated the Ewoks, and I mourn the loss of the Yub Yub song.) It was Jabba’s Palace, with Jabba, and Max Rebo and his band, the dancers (in particular Oola), Bib Fortuna, and just a sea of other aliens. It was fun; it had intrigue, and it had a rancor.

Rancors are awesome.

rebelNow, the newer movies I don’t hate. I think that it stems mostly from the fact that I was too young to experience the original trilogy in the theaters. Plus, these movies almost transform me back to  that six year old girl watching the original trilogy for the first time. I accept the flaws, and I just enjoy the ride. Except for the Clone Wars movie. That was just laughable, and not in a good way.

I could gush over every little part of Star Wars that I love, but I want to keep this concise. In parting words, I want everyone to sit back and think about Star Wars. If it’s something that you love, why do you love it? I’d love to hear from you.

And remember:alderaan-shot-first