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It’s November?!?

For the first time in a few years, I’m not actively participating in NaNoWriMo, for a few reasons. Mostly, my brain is still trying to comprehend how it is November already, as October was that insane for me. My husband had surgery at the very beginning of the month. (He’s fine.) Hurricane Matthew rolled through/past my […]

After Titan

  Geek & Sundry is offering a contest for new hard science fiction novels. While I’ve been primarily focused on the urban fantasy world that Yumi Matthews is a part of, I’ve been working on a first contact/space/science fiction novel as well. What better way to see if there is interest, and to push me […]

Mini Update

Hey shiny happy people! Not much to tell you at the moment. I’m still plugging away at the third book of the series. I’ve had some ups and downs as I’ve gone, but there is progress – just maybe not as much as I would personally like. There have also been exciting distractions in the […]

A Glimpse of the Past

My current series is very deliberately written from the sole perspective of Yumi Matthews. However, sometimes, other voices demand to be heard, and even if it doesn’t fit into what I’m directly writing, I get those snippets onto paper. After all, they help to develop each character into the person I envision. It adds a […]

Read more about ..

Happy February (and consequently New Year) everyone! The new year is flying by, and I’m working hard at the third novel in the Between the Veil series. I know that not everyone is a fan of sports, and well, this weekend is one of the biggest events for American sporting. I know that I have […]

Between the Veil Series ~ Update

As I continue to work on Book 3, lovingly subtitled by my beta reader last night as “Yumi says ‘Screw you guys, I hate you all.’” based on our conversations of my writing progress, I’ve been making updates as well to where you can find all my books. After all, as wonderful as my experience […]

Not So Picture Perfect ~ Book Tour

If you’ve been following me on Facebook, you may have seen me mention or share some reviews lately. There was a very lovely book tour, thanks to Promotional Book Tours, that went on through the end of September into October. So, head on over, and check out what these bloggers had to say about the […]

Every Story is a Love Story

Check out my guest blog post over at Hart’s Romance Pulse! I talk about the importance of fanfiction in romance, and I delve into one of my favorite fandoms and how it inspired fanfiction. (Here’s a hint… It’s not the obvious choice if you know me!) I’ll be sharing more with you lovely people soon, […]

Fae, Fire & Faith

Life isn’t quite the same any more for private investigator Yumi Matthews – no matter how much she tries to pretend otherwise. Despite the cryptic new clues into her brother’s disappearance 10 years ago, she must put her investigation on hold when she gets drawn into the case of Sparrow Laurie, a missing teenaged girl. […]