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I’ll be honest. I’ve never really had a mentor when it comes to writing. I’ve listened to advice from friends, and I’ve attended seminars, but I’ve never had anyone take me under their wing to try and hone my craft. That doesn’t mean that I’ve not met people along the way who aren’t mentors. It’s […]


Writing is hard. I mean, you would think it would be easy to take the words and thoughts floating around your brain and convert them into coherent sentences. Except, I’ve found it’s not that easy. Some days, it’s the most difficult thing in the world. It’s not that I don’t know the stories that my […]

Winter Weirdness

Well, I’m chalking last week up to a bad week. Not in the bad mental health way, but just in a really weird sort of way. After starting off the week with my dog getting injured, my husband and I had to take our eldest cat to the ER Vet on Tuesday night. Then, the […]

Life, And so it goes…

I’ve had a busy couple of weeks. I’ve snagged a part time job, I’m still looking for other work, my brain has been moonlighting in the Mass Effect universe once more, and now my poor puppy has gotten injured. I’m afraid there won’t be much of an update today, and perhaps not this week. I […]

Seeking Help

A good friend recently asked me how I managed to get through the worst parts of my depression and rebuild my confidence. I answered truthfully: therapy played the largest role. I found someone that I could go speak with a couple times a month. I could be happy the whole session; I could cry for […]

Power in the Dresden Files

I’ve been on a good reading kick in the first time in months. Sometimes, when I’m in my writer mindset, I can’t motivate myself to read, for a number of reasons. Ever since I finished the second draft of my novel though, I’ve found myself reading again. It’s been nice to look in other worlds […]

To Tell a Tale

I’ve done quite a bit of reading over the past few weeks. One of the books I read had an interesting dynamic with the Point of View (POV) in each chapter. (This isn’t a discussion on using the first, second or third person, but rather multiple POVS regardles of voice.) It gave me a moment […]

Happy New Year!

Okay, so I’m late. Again. I really meant to get back to this sooner, but I had interviews, and family things, and none of that really matters. I need to do better, and that’s one of the things I am going to do my best to do this year. So, over the past few weeks, […]

Once Upon a Time

Sticking with my theme of commenting on tv shows, I feel compelled to discuss one of my favorite shows (SPOILER WARNING FOR CONTENT TO COME): One of the reasons I quickly fell in love with this series when it started was the fact that I adore fairy tales. More than that, one of my favorite […]

The Walking Dead … Again

I debated if I wanted to go this route with this week’s post, but I just had to say a few things about the Mid Season Finale for The Walking Dead. Word of warning: This post will container spoilers. Read at your own peril. So, now that you’re still reading, Hershel died. It was sad, […]