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The Supernatural Got Real

As I prepare for Dragon*Con this coming weekend, I thought I’d share a short character blurb that resulted from this past weekend’s Dresden game. Be warned that the character uses profanity. As of right now, I don’t have much planned for what I intend to do at the convention, but if you have any suggestions, […]


Day Cycle 15. Again. That insipid red-head keeps destroying my attempts at record keeping. I believe I have finally found an adequate hiding spot that neither she nor the infernal woman who has imprisoned me shall find. They cannot forever thwart me. Despite the setbacks in my record-keeping, I believe that I have made significant […]

A Look into Dragon Age 2

Today, I’d like to continue my discussion about Dragon Age, focusing on the second installment: Dragon Age 2 (DA2).  This was a game that I was very eager to play, as I had such a great experience with its predecessor. I pre-ordered it, and I marked time aside so I could play it with as […]

Dragon Age: Origins, a Reflection

Yesterday, information regarding the latest installment of Dragon Age, titled Dragon Age: Inquisition. For some people, this was great news, some of my dearest friends included, but for me, I found that I wasn’t excited. Even had I been, I likely would not have opted to pursue any of the information, as I try to […]

The Dresden Files RPG

Every weekend, I get together with an amazing group of friends, and we play tabletop RPGs. This particular group has been getting together for the past five years, give or take. We’ve played D&D, Pathfinder, Spycraft, Rifts, and sometimes we even dabble in good old fashioned board games. Everyone at the table has taken their […]


I’ve recently found myself at a crossroads in my professional life, at a loss of which direction to take. To my right is unemployment: dark, scary, and impending unemployment, from the only career I’ve had post college. To my left is re-entering the traditional work force, and hoping beyond hope that I can find something […]